Dating someone new but still miss my ex

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Rebounding With Someone New Only Makes You Miss Your Ex Even More

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We constantly muss and stare at our various communication devices, praying that they will call. But we never call them. Why is that? What stops us from contacting them ourselves? Is it pride? Or fear? Or both? You just want them to come back so you can feel better about yourself. You want that self-satisfying knowledge that they came running back to you.

You want their pride Datinf break first. It may be that you mise your partner decide that your feelings still mean you can be in a relationship. If the issue is that you're still feeling hurt or angry at your ex and can't stop thinking about that, your partner may understand — or even have been through the same thing. It might be that you can work through your issues together and help each other. But, if the reason you're still thinking about your ex is that you still have strong feelings for them — and you're basically using your new partner as a placeholder — that's not fair. It may be time to consider ending it.

Knowing whether or not you're over your ex isn't easy, especially when you're already with someone else. On their own, they were of no consequence. But as a whole, they represented something far more than just flaws in character; they were vices I fell back on.

These flaws are what made my ex, my ex -- and they're the flaws I want my future lovers to have, too. I've convinced myself that if I search for my ex's flaws again in new people, I can kind of recreate him. But everyone pales in comparison to my ex. Sadly, retrospect is always clearer than reality. You dwell on your ex to distract yourself from a much deeper problem. My ex is a Band-Aid for something I feel I am missing within myself: When is it ever the right time? No one is ever ready to fall in love. I'm a gal who spirals easily.

If I'm not alone — if I'm not feeling my feelings about that love that could have been — then I don't have to acknowledge the fallout ever happened. It's just easier to smoke a spliff, stay out late with men and get too drunk to remember which key on my key ring opens my front door. It's just easier to stuff down my feelings and lock them away, where they're inaccessible even to me. I've been numbing the feeling of missing one man with other men. Besides, isn't that what people do?

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sx Move on from miss person to the next as if nothing ever happened? And friends of mine hop on Tinder straight out of broken relationships like it's nothing. Like, cold and lifeless and uninterested with nothing to offer to someone looking for something worth having. She was a part of your life for 2 years. March 30, at I think that might be the point, Anita. Actually both my parents were very distant emotionally. I may not even realize this, but there might be something familiar in pattern of chasing unattainable love.

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