How to hook up multiple computer monitors

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How to Add a Second Monitor to Your Computer

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Now that many computers have USB ports, the KVM cable will have one end that is USB, which you can tp plug into any free port and it will control both the mouse and keyboard. You can purchase KVM Switches that support anywhere from two computers all the way up to With a local remote KVM device, you can connect computers to the device using normal network Category 5 cables. This setup require small interface devices at the computers that convert the peripheral device signals to network protocols that can be transmitted over Cat 5 cables and then get converted back to analog signals at the KVM device.

The signals are converted and sent over the network to the KVM device where they are converted to normal signals.

Multiple How computer monitors hook up to

You can find these more advanced switches at more specialized online stores, such as KVMs. The only issue with these more advanced KVM solutions is that they can get pretty expensive. What if there was a cheaper way? The software KVM is a possible solution. Using this software, the computers still have to be next to each other in order to use it.

The other thing it does not help you with is reducing the number of monitors. With a hardware KVM switch, you can use one monitor with multiple computers, but with Synergy you can use one keyboard and mouse on multiple computers. It basically just saves your from having to buy a bunch of hardware and having to use a lot of cables just to use the same mouse and keyboard on multiple computers. The other great thing about the software is that it runs on Mac, Linux and Windows and allows you to share your clipboard between all the computers. You can also simply drag and drop files between computers as you move your mouse between them. But for many monitors especially those on laptopsthings will seem very cramped.

Check your recovery documentation to see if this special is available. Originally now, my violently PC has a cohesive-monitor setup:.

Hooking Up Multiple Monitors Hooking up an additional monitor to your computer should be very simple. Some computers may include splitter cables that allow you to connect multiple monitors to a single port. Most laptops also come with ports that allow you to hook up an external monitor. Which is Better? This all depends on the ports your computer has and how your monitor connects.

Configuring Multiple Monitors in Windows Windows makes using multiple monitors easy. Just plug the monitor into the appropriate port Hiw your computer, and Windows should automatically extend your desktop onto it. You can now just drag and drop windows between monitors. PC Screen only: Monitosr will only use your primary monitor, and any additional monitors will be black. Windows will show the same image on all monitors. Windows will enlarge and extend your desktop, giving you another screen to work with. Second screen only: Windows will turn off your primary display and only use the secondary display. Display number one is your primary display. You can also choose separate display orientations—for example, perhaps one display is on its side and you need to rotate the picture.

Under Multiple displays, you can choose how you want to use your display. You can also change which display is your primary one from here.

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