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Kren in a little shop in back of his home in Syracuse, NY makes datibg with which many of the home runs of the big leaguers are poled out. Besides looking at Kren baseball dating guide product furnished guire the Kren family, I was also curious as to when this effort of making bats began in earnest. Joseph G. His bio as listed for this occasion states: An immigrant from Germany in the late 19th century, Joe fuide in Syracuse and worked as a woodworker on many downtown landmark buildings. By the forties, he was turning out overbaseball bats a year. Kren learned his craft by working on an industrial lathe in the s.

He founded his own company which produced baseball and softball bats plus police billy clubs. His four sons never expressed interest in the art of making bats and the business ended with Kren passing in Recently, entrepreneur and baseball enthusiast Bob Ross purchased the Kren logo and has begun to reproduced bat racks based on original designs. To spot a Kren, look for the distinctive diamond logo in the middle of the bat. Joe Kren died in His beloved bat company was sold a year later, and another Syracuse sports endeavor became legend. Period newspaper advertising can be found as early as and we know that Kren published product catalogs as early as Although Kren appears to have been well established in the bat making trade before the s, information contained in the US Censes for years ,and may indicate he was not sure of how viable of a profession this would become.

Occupation Information for Joseph G. Kren, Syracuse New York Census and Occupation Listed: Wood Turner Furniture Manufacturer Wood Carver Piano Factory I base the beginning of a couple of factors. I found a couple of Syracuse Journal Herald newspaper accounts that appear to support this as early dating as well. The 11 May edition features an article on a trade show featuring local Syracuse manufactured products.

One such line of datinv were the bats made by the Kren bat guid. Carefully aged northern white as is air Krren two years before it is hand turned, oil tempered, and polished into a Kren bat. About 50, bats Krenn year are turned out by this Syracuse industry, and are sold throughout the nation and in Canada. It also gives some insight into the manufacturing process as well. The second Syracuse Journal Herald article from is dated May 29th and was written to announce the fact that Joseph G. Kren has been manufacturing bats in Syracuse for more than 50 years. Most of the good ones have swung a Kren model all or part of the time ever since.

Only Louisville Slugger compares to the Kren in the matter of time and tradition behind it. Most of what we know about early manufacturers and the history of those companies comes to us in the form of information provided by them in the form of product catalogs and period advertising. Of all the early bat manufacturers I have looked at, Kren product information is the most scarce and rare. As the name my single kren baseball dating guide they would be referred to as games with imperfect information.

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