Vampire diaries season 7 episode 10 subtitles

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The Vampire Diaries

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We've literally time-travelled three years since then, and all but one of the aforementioned Heretics has been killed off. What was the point, and did the show ever want us to invest in them at all?

Why are we spending weeks on end without either Bonnie or Caroline? The complete lack of female protagonist is particularly strange when you think about what this show used to be and the presumed gender-divide of its viewership. But I'll admit that I did quite like this episode taken entirely on its own, despite some of the huge problems contained within. It felt epic and final, even if those epic and final moments concerned characters we neither know well or care about, and I've enjoyed the re-focusing on the dysfunctional relationship between Stefan and Damon.

He didn't just go out of town, he buried himself alive, leaving everyone else to fend for themselves while he had a really long nap. Damon still only cares about himself and Stefan still only cares about Damon, but right now that conflict has a bit more substance to it. But it's the only thing that does, seemingly, because as weird as the relationships already were this season, having Rayna apparently become obsessed with Stefan during her three years of imprisonment at the Armory is a step too far for me. I understand this started as a romance show with some vampire hijinks thrown in, but Elena's departure gave it every excuse to change things up.

Instead — with the odd exception - we're retreading old storylines at best.

Season episode subtitles Vampire 10 7 diaries

At worst, characters are doing Vampir completely out of character just to give others a reason episide be in the story. They've all become Enzo, in other words — pawns for the whims of the writers in any particular episode. This week he's after Matt because he had released Rayna in order to punish Stefan for something we don't know about yet. It's baffling, even if I do still quite like Enzo. In contrast to some of the newer characters, he's the sort of wild card the show needs.

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