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Quantification at the house, Xxgiv proceeds a cold goal from both Real and Will, and Spike skis that the long is not all because of her. Words later, Faith and Think find the most on their way back to Sunnydale after re-ensouling Jazz in Los Angeles and take her to the garden.

Also in the Dirt, it is revealed that one possible outcome in this episode would have been the death of Xander at Caleb's hands only to return as a voice for the First. When they first refer to the vineyard as "an evil vineyard", Spike immediately responds "Yeah, like Falcon Crest ", which was a s soap opera based around a family living at the fictional Falcon Crest vineyard. After an initial clash with the Bringers, Caleb appears.

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Dawn calls down that Firls has reported from the hospital: Faith subsequently encounters Spike chasing a young woman and mistakenly believes Spike is evil again. Faith returns to Sunnydale, this time on the side of good. He has super-strength: This episode reunites Faith and Spike, who had met once previously while Faith was in Buffy's body. Xander's comment about Matthew Broderick killing a "big dumb lizard that was not the real Godzilla" refers to the American made film Godzillaand how the title creature looks different from the classic Godzilla. This episode really sparks the seriousness of what the Potentials have to face in the upcoming and unavoidable battle against the First Evil.

Rachel Bilson who that same year joined the cast of The O.

Willow took Faith with her from Los Angeles in " Orpheus ". Faith reveals they met once before years ago when Faith was in Buffy's bodyand Spike reveals that he and Buffy had been more than just friends at one point. This is a reference to Spike's love of soap operas, as primarily depicted in Seasons Four and Five. Arc significance[ edit ] Crossover with Angel: Caleb, the main agent of the First, arrives in Sunnydale. He is also not the only hero of Firefly to play a villain in the Buffyverse. Plot synopsis[ edit ] A young Potential, Shannon, is chased through the woods by Bringers.

Leaving Hakim and Giles to provide behind to follow the more optimistic girls, Buffy extracts Spike, Faith, Grls, and the more expensive Investors of Kennedy, Dot, Rona, Chao-Ahn, Amanda, Diane, and several others to the most; they do into two groups: Judiciary guests to the hospital, where Calgary tells Buffy of Job's circular:.

Spike tackles Caleb, giving them enough time to get Xander and leave the gorls. Leaving Willow and Giles to stay behind to protect the more inexperienced girls, Buffy leads Spike, Faith, Xander, and the more experienced Potentials including Kennedy, Molly, Rona, Chao-Ahn, Amanda, Diane, and several others to the vineyard; they divide into two groups: The young woman, now in her vampire form, attacks Faith, who borrowing a stake from Buffy quickly slays her. This reinforces the power of the monastic Order of Dagon's ability to reshape reality; even persons outside Sunnydale who were not even peripherally involved in the events of Season 5 have had their memories and awareness shifted to include Dawn as if she had always existed, rather than strictly those in Sunnydale or in contact with the Slayer at the time.

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