I dont give a rats arse

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Pretty Sweary- I Don't Give a Rat's Ass Art Print

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Rats arse I dont a give

As bamboo, a plant chock full of vitamins, minerals, fiber and anti-carcinogenic properties, is the primary diet of the panda, it is believed that panda dung enhances the benefits of green tea leaves grown in it. Finally, we broach the issue of the ratts rat. Widely utilized by those who are unable to damn someone because they are atheists, agnostics or just pussies. As is the case in America, white asses in India are treated with more respect and assigned significantly more value than brown asses. Why is the dung of these adorable black and white critters so expensive? Michele Bachmann — Stop Talking! This is the idiom of an extremely proud person — someone unwilling to accept handouts of shit from anyone, whether it be panda, civet or human in nature.

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Perhaps she believes the person gats already damned and further damning on her part would be redundant i. Perhaps the speaker is a follower of Karni Mata and is fearful of angering the incarnation of the Indian goddess, Durga. Plus, I factored in additional monies for the sheer danger involved and the fact that your prostitute would have had to become certified in skydiving. Not gonna happen.

In fact, many people believe that being damned involves some rahs of eternal punishment in a broiling pit of heat and misery a. Even your run-of-the-mill cow manure goes for about ten bucks for four pounds — less expensive than coffee, but more costly than sugar. Millions — perhaps even billions — of rats are used to test everything from cosmetics to pharmaceuticals to insecticide.

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