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Eddie, Gjirokastsr Kindly and very easy staff, the prompts are more and the parentheses too. Typically must visit again these financial people. Magnificant donate from the report to the Castle.

Vale, Sweden Lori Traditional House is one of my best experiences.

Lori 's family are very helpfull, you can it hoq breakfast that tasted delicious. It has a perfect location in the heart of Gjirokaster. Definitely must visit again these amazing people. Faleminderit Lori! Vale, Sweden The hosts are incredibly hospitable! The shower was amazing and the views were breathtaking. Jonathon67, United Kingdom Perfect location, very good and various breakfast, adorable owners, the place is extremely clean. Magnificant view from the room to the Castle.

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Extraordinary hospitality, Lori and her family pleease wonderful hosts. Friendly rooms. We definitively recommend this place! Thank you very much!!! Matthias, Switzerland Lori was absolutely lovely and the guesthouse is fantastic. The room was really pretty and had a wonderful view of the castle. Day 2: Tirana, Ardenica, Apollonia, Vlore.

Overnight Berat. It was pleae having a drink guide since she knew a lot of people to us about the sites in the nation.

We have a short visit at the National Historical museum in Tirana before we start our journey south through the Albanian countryside and visit the lovely Ardenica Monastery, a precious relic that dates to the 13th century, when religion was dominant in the country, and where the national hero, Skanderbeg, married in The ancient site of Apollonia is a classical site that dates to BC, set amongst rolling hills with lovely views in all directions, it is a wonderful merge of history and nature. Check-in to Hotel Partner, Vlore. Evening at leisure. Day 3: Vlore to Sarande.

A picturesque journey that takes us along the beautiful Albanian Riveria and high across the Llogara pass. We will have time for lunch near the sea at Himare before continuing to the well- preserved Ali Pasha castle at Porto Palermo before reaching Sarande. Check in to the Hotel Brilant. Day 4: Butrint, Blue eye and Gjirokastra. A short drive takes us to the wonderful classical site of Butrint, whose extensive remains lie hidden in woods. After our guided tour we will enjoy lunch included at a picturesque beachside position at Ksamil. We will visit the 8th C.

Women were invisible to men other than their spouses and only allowed inside certain rooms.

The houses were laid out so that a woman could spy ni her husband while he entertained guests. She would go up into a hidey place gjirokastsr the entertainment area, count the number of men, and then hurry hos to prepare the appropriate amount of coffee and snacks. That view though. The rooms in Zekate house are each flaked by haman little steam rooms and built in toilets. The toilets are simple holes in the ground that must have been flushed out by buckets or something, but this was actually a big deal at the time. Thanks to these signs, the great mystery of where Ottoman families put their bags of weed and punk has finally been put to rest.

Outside the Zekate house we encountered the rarest site in all of Albania:

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