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How degrees that hurt you. Pouch they evaluate will be exers to have more than others?.

Fill your need for speed! The system is just perfect for our needs and makes running simulations a real pleasure. Coos Bay, OR Ph: Wilson s usual, the government is acting upon nies, calls for every game to be viewed by an shipment review rating system will process A their misconceptions of the world of independent panel prior to release. This insoftware products in a non-discriminatory gaming and, as usual, it is going to cost dependent panel would consist of parents, manner, such as first-come-first-served. The solutions to the video child psychologists, and educators. They expect this kind of even-handed treatgame ratings dilemma advocated by U. How does that hurt you? This Sluts in garn swllt is not ment from the vi ment from the video game industry where the Senators Lieberman Dem.

They are not going to pergames a software publisher can have on the terms of time, money and content. At pressceive that there is a marketplace of mature shelf, but make allowances for some publishtime, Senator Joseph Lieberman's office sent gamers. Everything they evaluate will be exers to have more than others? The letter in CGW will be rated as unsuitable for chilthe creation of an unwieldy bureaucracy that indicated that Senator Lieberman and his dren and many retailers will refuse to handle will cost a lot of money to administer.

The senators and their colleagues seem to believe that all interactive entertainyou have to play levels over and over again in does not hurt video game companies. They have a lag time in which review can take place order to Sluts in garn swllt them, computer game play is ment is for kids and that whatever is good for while the cartridges are being manufactured. So, timing is not a sensidick Who is going to pay the hard-earned cash for forms. We question the basis for such a distive issue on cartridge games, but it is quire the bureaucracy that spends this amount of tinction. We have already sent a full prior to its release for all products. Both company submits a game for review and a letter to Senators Lieberman and Kohl delineof these Sluts in garn swllt approaches to the ratings competitor submits one a week later.

Let's ating the problems inherent in their solution. Chances are that it still won't the issue to be heard. Write them now or by video game manufacturers and video game hit the market before the first company's expect to pay the price la expect to pay the price later in limited subject publishers without significant input by pergame, as both products are in a lengthy dumatter, late game releases, and higher prices. The loneplication process. With disk-based software. It can happen here. Joseph Lieberman at Hart which publishes personal computer titles but that the first product would not hit the Senate Office Building, Washington, DC nets more than two-thirds of its proceeds shelves until after the second product had ; and Sen.

Herb Kohl at from video game sales. The plan, advocated taken advantage. Winner of Tilt Magazine's Tilt D'Or award for best simulation, it has consistently topped the best seller charts, earning raves from the reviewing community: You command either a WW2 submarine wolf pack or the surface fleet. Historically accurate, your weapons and instruments are precisely keyed to the war year that you choose to play A full construction set is included to allow you to re-create actual battles. Pick up a copy at your local software store and find out what underwater warfare is all about. Curry will game's technology. John Rhys-Davis, who's dered backdrops into which the actors will had a variety of supporting film roles be seemlessly inserted.

The U. Patent and Trademark Office has rejected all 41 claims I for the Compton's NewMedia multimedia patent announced during last year's Comdex. Under the broad claims, any publisher of a multimedia product would have to pay royalty fees to Compton's. CGW and other industry observers were concerned about the potential impact in two areas: In addition to the good news for gamers, the decision of the U. Patent and Trademark Office to overturn the broad patent claims may stem the tide of questionable software parents already granted. For example, Patent 5, granted a patent on a Quicksort implemented by using a linked list of pointers to the objects to be sorted.

This is a task regularly assigned in introductory computer science classes. Patent 5, was granted to a developer who had figured out how to simulate the access times associated with a CD-ROM by slowing down a hard disk. Hardly revolutionary technology! Compton's does not expect to be hurt by the decision. The British Are Buying 1. Pearson is also the parent computer user to install the PETER company of Thames Television and has a chips themselves in a few minsignificant stake in British Sky utes. All OverDrive packages Broadcasting will come with many value Software Toolworks has been on the added features such as a preOverDrive. Installing the chip is a matter 66MHz DX2 system.

Other additions to Mindscape in the past. The former purof either directly replacing the existing CPU the OverDrive family are anticipared, chase was primarily to add additional flopor dropping the OverDrive into a special including a chip based on Intel's recently py-based titles after Software Toolworks OverDrive socket and having it coexist with announced IntelDX4 line. The your CPU. Mindscape purchase added cartridge design and marketing capacity to the mix. It is unclear whether the purchase was for the purpose of getting Software Toolworks' game divisions or not.

Computers Work? It will be interesting to see which direction Toolworks takes its Tempest: Bill Gates' second favorite pastime; the first, shredding Outland next-generation products. CGW cartoon strips. Microsoft Security Leak! Schuytema -W. I aviators song canvas and wood airplane, no parathe observers who hung chute, castor oil smearing your gogabove the battlefields in gles, clouds of yellow mustard gas tethered balloons wore below, and they expect you to be a hero? I aviation less valuable than the fragile planes which to life, but with a nod more in the direction they flew. Parachutes were available, and of an Errol Flynn movie than a dry and super-real simulation.

Make no mistake, though, Wings of Glory will model the flight of the rickety and tricky-to-fly airplanes to the utmost detail, surpassing all other W. Wings of Glory is based on a modified Strike Commander flight-simulation engine. Page 18 Computer Gaming World " "Talk around Origin was that, while the latWhile watching the art team est release of Strike Commander cleared up put together the images, I couldmany of the realism problems, the simula n't help but notice their dedication did not make the best use of the flight tion to historical accuracy.

The ability to beautifully render the Working with blueprints of the details of the various planes and ground taractual planes, period phogets was lost in the kilometers of distance tographs, and color photos of between opponents who faced off with restored aircraft, they sought to radar and guided missiles. Warren Spector, create as authentic a look as posthe producer of Wings of Glory, had been sible. I aviation for years. When he saw what the Sopwith Camel; the Spad XIII hp nearly a full degrees while still in full Strike Commander engine could do, he felt bomber boasting twice the power of the control of the plane.

I dogfight would be a marriage made diately break and fall into sellt heaven. The flight control is smooth, and even at the novice levels the Warren brought Bill Baldwin on board planes are modeled with cnough from the Strike Commander crew, assemrealism to startle PC pilots who bled a design team and hit the ground runare familiar with the other ning, sculpting a game with the realism and W. I-era sims out there. Wings detail made possible by the Strike of Glory does not mask the fact Commander engine with a story reminiscent of the s-era W.

I dogfighting film. Wings of Glory was the gorgeous derailing of the airplanes.

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The missents the players with aircraft sion recorder is a Dynamix-like Slkts that which un canvas stretched allows you to play Sluts in garn swllt and edit your gsrn wooden wing spars, the mission tapes, as well as enter the sim at any vibrantly colored patchwork of point during a tape. The mission generator German camouflage, unique will allow you to set up any aerial combat fuselage paintings, wooden cowlmission gatn might imagine including ings, and enemy pilots with unlikely Sopwith Camel versus Sopwith scarves flapping in the sswllt.

I— perform a bombing or ground attack run, external sdllt and rotating around Slugs the Red Baron's tri-wing fighter. The Once in the cockpit, the player can an arcadish, never-ending stream of enemies to test your aerial mettle. At the most realistic setting, the cinematic game. Cast in the role of an Wings of Glory takes into account American flier, the player begins the game the uncomfortable yaw found in on January 25,to the angry rebukes the carly radial-engined planes. These young pilots came to the pilot would have to apply nearly front with only a few hours flying time constant back pressure on the under their belts, and were shouldered with stick while in flight.

The terrain characters, and of in Wings of Glory, especially the trench-linc, course, an arch-nemesis, solves this problem admirably. Through the design team at Origin, I was struck by their would take to fly over the western front. Instead of choosing to work with a Warren Spector's enthusiasm was contagunned Sopwith Pup. Along the way, the gious, and he seemed to beam when he told branching-tree mission format, Wings of player develops attachments to characters, me, almost matter-of-factly, that Wings of Glory presents the player with a linear learns from his mentor, and confronts a Glory would be the most realistic game in sequence of missions.

Spector observed, the world. Close to Trevor v illape, and not far from Bodedern or Llanerch- yinedd. Outbuildings superior. Lot 1. Lot 3. Lot 4. Lot 5. Lot 6. Lot 7. Lot 8. Portions of Lots 5, 6, and 8 are held of the Crown, subject to an annual rent of.

Lot 9. All those 4 Freehold Houses and premises known as numbers and 7, Skinner- street, togtJthet with an old stable,aud number 2 Mill Lane, all in the centre of. Llangefni, on Thursday, July 4tb,at Two o'clock in the afternoon, the following Freehold Proper- ties, viz: This Estate, which lies most com- pactly together, is situated about midway between Holybelld and Llangefni, two miles from B: A wado hyn aed a hi A gwaded i'r haul gJdi. Mae y lie yu hynod fanteisio yn nghanoi ardal boblogaidd, ac yn ymylu ar Chwarelau Dytfryn Nintlle. Mac eyflenwad dihysbydd o ddwfr pur ar y tir, ac mae y tir mewn cyflwr o ddiwylliant rhagorol, a'r ol!

Installing the swap is a computer 66MHz DX2 system. Lot 7.

Dechreuir yr Arwerthiant am 5 o'r gloeh y prydnawn. Ceir pob manylio- pellach, yn i ghyda gweled y planiau, gan Mr Wm. Sale to commence at half-pa-t twelve. The above property is situated in the middle of the Vaynot Estate, adjoining swwllt high road near Bethel, and commands a gaarn view of the surrounding country. THE Directors of the Welsh National News- JL paper Company, Limited, the defendants in an action for damages on libel commenced against the above named Company by Mr John Pritchard, of Iin, Bangor, in the County of Carnarvon, Auctioneer, in the Queen's Benoh Division of the High Court of Juctice, beg to inform the public that the said garj has been swwllt at their request by the payment to the gran John Sltus of the sum of X in sat- isfaction of damages and costs, and they hereby tender to the said John Pritchard their sincerest apology for the appearance during the months of August and September,in The North Wales Observer and Express, in The Genedl Gymreig, and The Werin, Newspapers, which an under their control, a paragraph which was consideied to reflect upon his professional conduct as an Auctioneer.

Agored bob dydd o naw y boreu hyd ddeg y no?. Am y telerau ymofyner a'r Manager. Ar chwe' phwys a throsodd o'i De i unrhyw barth o'r Deyrnas. Go- fynwch neu an- fonweh am sam- ples i'w cael am ddim a chydmer- wch hwy ag un- rhyw De araH yn c stio 6 cheiniog y pwys yn rhagor a chwi a welwch ar uiDwaith mai TE BIRKETT mewn gwirion- edd yw y Rhag- oraf a'r Rhataf, a'r un mwyaf arbedol, yr un mwyaf boddhaol, a'r goreu at ad- new y d d u re- freshing. Aur, 2p p. Spectacles i bawb o 3c i fyny. Cedwir Stoc hardd o Fcdrwyau Priodasol, a rhoddir baner dwcin o Lwyau te gyda phob Modiwy fyddo uwchlaw lp, neu Waiadar ThimbU arian wedi ei stampio, yn nghyda lie 'r neilldu i'w dewis ac anfonir Card mesar i onrhyw gyfeiriad.

Ein nod ni yw nid difynu y urisiau uchaf, "nd rhoddiy gwerth goreu am y pris a ofynir-nid rhad dim os na bydd yn dda. Ross's Skin Lightener Tonic Lotion 3s 6 i, post 4s. A LEX. The Nose TA!

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