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Featherweight Facts

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If viewing the chart below on a mobile device, it is best viewed horizontally. The date is given as a "birthdate", however, is simply the day on which 2221 batches of serial numbers were released to the various factories. Einger dates given below are the days on which those batches were started, together with the Datung of machines in each consignment. The first Featherweights batched in begin with the two-letter prefix 'AD'. By checking when the next Dsting was started, it's possible to get a fairly accurate date of when any particular sinnger might have left the assembly line.

Featherweights Datin serial numbers that begin with Datlng prefix letter 'A' were made in Elizabethport, New Jersey, whereas those that begin with the prefix letter 'E' were manufactured in Kilbowie, Scotland. Featherweights having serial numbers that begin with the letter 'J' were mostly made at the St. John's, Quebec Factory in Canada. Singer Featherweights made outside of the US were also given a suffix to their actual model number. Those manufactured in Kilbowie were modeled given the model number K and those manufactured in St. John's were given the model number J. In Summary: The Featherweight is an excellent machine for piecing, but it is not recommended that machine quilting be done on it due to the possibility of burning out the motor.

Having said that, many quilters on the internet report that they successfully machine quilt using their Featherweights. Since the feed dogs cannot be lowered, it is necessary to cover them up with plastic or cardboard in order to machine quilt. Some Singer attachments, such as the buttonholer, come with a feed dog cover that can also be used for machine quilting. Featherweight Attachments Featherweights come with six basic attachments: The best instructions on how to use these attachments are in the Singer manual. Featherweight users also report that they have successfully used the "Little Foot" on their machines, as well as some brands of walking feet. The Featherweight is a low-shank machine.

A list of some Singer attachments and their part numbers is at the end of this file.

How Do I Get a Featherweight? Featherweights, in spite of Datig cult status, are not rare. A great many of them were sinyer and are still available through used sewing machine dealers, from individuals, at garage and estate sales, by mail order, and through sellers on online services and the internet. Since the machines are not labeled "Featherweight" they are often advertised for sale as "old Singer" or "antique Singer" machines and some detective work is necessary to sort the Featherweights from the other antique machines being sold. The light weight and the fold-up platform are two indicators.

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sniger Very diligent shopping should turn up one or more Featherweights in your local area, and they've been known to travel in packs, and reappear miraculously out of grandma's closet or attic! You will probably pay more to a dealer than you will at an estate sale, so it is worth combing the weekly Advertiser or classifieds and doing some driving if you want a bargain. Pricing criteria vary from location to location but are based on the running condition of the machine and its appearance, as well as its rarity. For run-of-the-mill Featherweights, one dealer in Atlanta says he prices his mainly based on how good they look, i.

Older machines will not necessarily sell for more than newer ones.

You should be able to try out the machine to see how well it sews, and you should make sure it's complete. One of the most frequently missing items is the bobbin case. Ideally your Featherweight will come with its original carrying case in good condition broken latches and missing handles are sometimes a problem and all of its attachments. Lack of these is reason to discount the price. Determining the approximate date of manufacture of a Featherweight is easy if the serial number is still intact. The number, which is on the bottom of the machine, will be preceded by a two-letter code, beginning with A for U. Use the chart below to decode it.

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