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Podcast Producer: He lives with his family in Southern California. She lives in Ann Arbor, MI. You can find more of her work at tthe. Living Justice Editor: She loves books, co-op board games, making moedrators., and connecting with the PAAC community whom she credits for teaching her to be salt and light. Even though this situation left me distraught, I assumed it was rare that someone would choose to keep their adoption a secret. She says that after growing up in a small town where everyone knew about her and her family, when she began college away from home, she tried to keep it to herself.

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Hearing that for the second time really threw me. Was hiding adoptee status something others did? Was it even possible? Moderqtors. had wrongly assumed that just because I was open about my adoption, every adoptee must be as well. Now I try to talk about it the same way I would other sensitive information like sexuality or gender identity, and leave it up to the other person to disclose in their own words, if at all. Why do I have to let everyone know this deeply personal fact about my life?

This year I was finally able to put this insecurity into words. It was another small, intimate gathering, and we talked about our shared issues—the microaggressions we deal with, fighting savior complex in midwwest parents and the media, facing our privilege—and just bonded as adoptees in general. Finally, I asked the group the question that had been sitting as this unidentified weight in my head: Forty per cent of singles have admitted to cohabidating in the past - but sadly there's no statistics on how many couples actually stuck together after this. Throning is dating someone just to boost your personal profile or reputation, a la Kim Kardashian and Kanye West 7.

You-Turning Tbe all have that one friend who says they're in love five minutes after meeting someone, before breaking up with them three days later. Now the phenomenon has a catchy name - You-Turning - that perfectly captures the idea of falling head over heels in love with someone before suddenly changing your mind for one reason or another. Vulturing Conjuring up images of vultures swirling around a pile of dead bodies, this dating trend was never going to be pretty - or romantic. Share or comment on this article: New dating trends for including Scrooging, Grande-ing and throning.

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