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‘Girl Meets World’ Season Finale Teases Advice From Topanga (Exclusive Video)

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The home of "Teen Wolf" dives deep into high fantasy with meers adaptation of Terry Brooks' bestselling series of YA novels. Young heroes are tested as the dying Ellcrys tree inflects deadly demons upon the earth. The shortened episode final season was announced by co-star Rondi Reeds, prompting McCarthy to share via Twitter that she too was "shocked and heartbroken" upon learning of the cancellation. Premieres Wednesday, Jan.

Eastern Solo Read: In the investor, Riley, Maya and Farkle rigid if Lucas will sit with them.

Keets Ridley 's anthology drama returns for a second season and a brand new story, this time involving an accusation of rape on a college campus. Mac, Dennis, Dee and Charlie smeak in for more shenanigans at Paddy's in the eleventh season of the hit comedy. Jennifer Lopez makes a rare return to scripted television previea this event sbeak, also starring Ray Liottaabout a group of tough Brooklyn cops who are not afraid to sometimes step outside the confines of the law in order to protect their city. Premieres Thursday, Jan. The network's newest sitcom follows Jane Lynch as Amy, a colorful, brassy woman who insinuates herself into Allison's Maggie Lawson organized and seemingly perfect life, claiming to be her "guardian angel.

In the cafeteria, Riley, Maya and Farkle wonder if Lucas will sit with them. He does, but Missy moves him over, and they continue to talk about the movie. Farkle tries to flirt with Missy, so she will leave Lucas alone, but instead she winks at Farkle and says "You're next! Cory then gives them detention, and Riley becomes furious that they'll be alone. At home, Ava is coming over, and Topanga is shocked she's an "older woman" when she's really only one year older.

Meete comes in, saying she can boss Auggie around due to being older. She then says she's taking his goggly bear, but Topanga says she can boss Ava around due to being older. She makes Ava give back the bear, then kicks her out. Auggie then asks how Topanga thinks about Ava.

Missy says they weren't invited, so Lucas tells Missy he'd rather be with them, and she leaves. Riley then realizes she shouldn't grow up just yet. Disney Channel Time travel While "Boy Meets World" did an episode set in the '50s, where Cory "time-traveled" back in time after an electric shock, meeting alternate versions of his friends, "Girl Meets World" took a slightly different approach, having the young actors play their characters' grandparents in the '60s. Disney Channel Jelly beans Cory, with Shawn's help, used jelly beans on a scale to try to decide between Topanga and Lauren.

Twenty-years later, Lucas, aided by Farkle and Zay, employed the exact same method when trying to decide between Riley and Maya. Disney Channel Kings Riley and Maya entered high school in the exact same fashion as Cory and Shawn did, and with the exact same confidence. Unfortunately, that deflated just as fast as Cory and Shawn's did too. In the "Girl Meets World" episode "Girl Meets the Truth," Farkle plants one on Riley specifically, on her chinleaving her in an equally gobsmacked state. The show writers would later confirm the similarities between the two scenes were " quite intentional. Apparently this is a killer math problem, because the gang on "Boy Meets World" had a hell of a time with it, and the "Girl Meets World" friends take quite a detour to avoid answering the exact same question, 20 years later.

Disney Channe Overachievers Farkle himself is a major callback to "Boy Meets World," as it was eventually revealed that he is actually the son of Cory and Topanga's childhood classmate Stuart Minkus. The first hint of Farkle's parentage came in the Season 1 episode "Girl Meets Father," when he earned his th A grade -- one more than his father, and the same number as Topanga, which she used to beat the original Minkus to becoming Valedictorian.

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