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Republican poll watcher Chris Hill stated that voters were complaining about intimidation, while the District Attorney's office stated that they had not been contacted by any voters. The suit accused members King Samir Shabazz and Jerry Jackson of being outside a polling location wearing the uniform of the New Black Panther Party for Self-Defense, and said that Shabazz repeatedly brandished a police-style baton weapon. After the defendants did not appear for court, a default judgment was entered. On July 6,J. Christian Adamsa former lawyer for the Justice Department, testified before the Commission on Civil Rights and alleged that the case was dropped because "[w]e abetted wrongdoing and abandoned law-abiding citizens".

And "The incident involved only two Panthers at a single majority-black precinct in Philadelphia. So far—after months of hearings, testimony and investigation no one has produced actual evidence that any voters were too scared to cast their ballots. The charges against the entire organization and the chairman were dropped. The actions of one individual cannot be attributed to an entire organization any more than every act of any member of the Catholic Church be charged to the Vatican. The group also stated that it believed in " a life for a life ". The bounty offer was condemned and repudiated by Martin's family and others, including the Rev.

Jesse Jackson. The Ryerson Students' Union RSU had endorsed the event as it called for grade-school curricula to acknowledge the historical contribution of African-Canadians and African-Americansand for the Brampton, Ontariosuper jail project to be dismantled. Although Canada's airports and borders are within the federal jurisdictionthe Ontario Community Safety and Correctional Services MinisterMonte Kwinterjustified the barring of Shabazz. We want liberation for all third world people. We are revolutionary nationalists and oppose racism. We want community control of our institutions and land. We want true education of our creole culture. We oppose capitalists and alliances with traitors.

We oppose the amerikkan military. We want freedom for all political prisoners. We want equality for women. Machismo must be revolutionary We fight anti-Communism with international unity. We believe armed self-defense and armed struggle are the only means to liberation. We want a socialist society. In Novemberthat platform was revised.

The 5th latio changed to wanting equality for women, down with machismo and male chauvinism. Their 6th point followed the Young Lords mission regarded community control of our institutions caf land. The 7th Blak was changed to demanding true education of afro-Indio culture and the Spanish language. The 10th point was for the freedom of all political prisoners and prisoners of war and lastly the 11th point was changed to a proclamation of being internationalist. Their newspapers, The Young Lord, Pitirre, and Pa'lante a contraction of "Para adelante", "Forward"reported Blzck their increasingly datin activities. ,atino Young Lords organized conferences and marches calling for Puerto Fat independence.

The separation was never a hostile one and had more to do with the rapid development of the group or latin pains," a natural friendly competition between cities, and primarily by infiltration and repression by government groups that were trying to create conflict between the chapters to divide and destroy the newly formed movement. All the other chapters remained with national headquarters in Chicago. It was a major blow for the Puerto Rican liberation movement and a major separation of the organization. Women in the Young Lords participated in community organizing and constructing newspapers and articles against sexism and patriarchal structures. A Readeredited by Darrel Enck-Wanzer see external links below for the full text of that book.

Social action[ edit ] The Young Lords' mission supported self determination for Puerto Rico, all Latino nations and all oppressed nations of the world, and also neighborhood empowerment. This is clear by the original symbol with a map of Puerto Rico and a brown fist holding up a rifle and the purple lettering reading, "Tengo Puerto Rico en mi Corazon" "I have Puerto Rico in my heart". They saw themselves as a people's struggle, a vanguard always connected with the common folk masses. It is why they began in Chicago fighting against the displacement of Puerto Ricans from Lincoln Park.

The first action of the Young Lords was the complete thrashing and closing down of the Chicago urban renewal office located then in the Lincoln Park Neighborhood. In New York, the Young Lords followed the lead of Chicago related to city services and began their local chapter social action with a local "Garbage Offensive". Organizers had spent weeks cleaning up garbage in Puerto Rican communities that the city was not collecting.

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