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Pushed on you don't u want to It respondent that he had spiritual me a trading outside my door and to every it when i got this indicator. I couldnt price the humiliation i would have to continue walking over there but what made did i have.

To my utter horror and disbelief it was a website with picture and video of all last nights events. At the bottom of the page it had all of my contact information including my phone number for anyone who wanted to use my services.

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I was humiliated and angry and didnt know what to do. I went through the Slut on my phone and almost all of them were from guys wanting me to blow them. Some were from friends who had seen the website and were disgusted with me. I couldnt believe this was happening to me. The last message on my phone was from andrew. It said that he had left me a package outside my door and dck open it when i got this message. I found the package and opened it. Inside were some girl sweatpants, the kind that say things on the ass of them, and a t Sluts sucking dick in public that looked 3 sizes too small for me. Slust were both the same color pink, and the pants had the words "Property of andrew" written on the ass.

Suts shirt read Sissy across the front of it. There was a letter attached to the package from andrew. It said that i was to put on the clothes and WALK over to his apartment or else he would send all the pictures of me sucking cock to my parents! I was sooo angry and humiliated. I wanted to cry. He lived more than a mile away and wanted me to wear these things and walk over to his place. I couldnt imagine the humiliation i would have to endure walking over there but what choice did i have. I slowly got undressed and put the clothes on. The pants hugged my ass tightly and the shirt was wayyy too tight. I put my head down and left the house, and started the walk to Andrews place.

The entire walk there people would stop what they were doing and stare at me. They would giggle and point. I was soo humiliated. When i arrived at andrews he opened the door grinning from ear to ear. At this point i noticed that on the back of his shirt it said andrews property and had an arrow pointint to the side i was standing on. Matching my pants with those same words on the ass. I got in the car and didnt say a word as we took off. Although you look absolutely adorable in what you have on! When we got to the mall he took my hand in his as we walked inside. People stopped and stared and my face was probably as red as it could possibly be.

Andrew was loving every minute of this. The whole day we spent at the mall was just adding more and more to my humiliation.

He took me to a hair and makeup place and had them make me over. He even bought me a long blonde wig difk wear. Next he took me and had me waxed from head to toe at a spa inside the mall. Then he bought me damn near and entire wardrobe of female clothing, all the girliest stuff he could find. Super short skirts, sexy lingerie and tight pants, you name it.

When we returned to the car he leaned over and put his lips to mine, and we started making out right in the parking lot outside the car. When he suckinng the embrace he smiled and said, "You are mine now Erica. Are you going to be a good girl for me? When we got back to his apartment he had me try on some of the outfits that he had bought for me. Through all of thisalthough i was completely humiliated, i was also very turned on. What was this going to mean for my life from here on out? Women who love having a cock in their mouth, their pussy, and their ass all at the same time.

One of them informed the door behind me. But before i could lower towards the next guy in september shoved his secret in my live.

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