Over the range microwave hook up

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How to Install an Over-The-Range Microwave

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On a scale of 1 - 10, this task rates about a raneg. The long screws need to be placed through the holes rangee the bottom of microsave cabinet and screwed into the microwave and the cord plugged in. The old house had the range fan hardwired, without a plug in for the microwave, and while it is possible to wire the new microwave during the installation process it is not the optimal solution. The blocks resulted in the bracket being installed just barely too high and it had to shifted just slightly down by loosening the screws and pushing down. Source The new receptacle is installed. Source Checking the power - this wire is hot and must be shut off at the circuit breaker.

The microwave up range Over hook

In the case here, the studs were visible through either the exhaust vent hole or the smaller hole where the wire originally came through the wall, but in most cases a stud finder from your homeowners tool set is ,icrowave useful. The duct in the old house was not in real good condition and was considerably larger than the exhaust from the microwave so foam insulation of the type used around doors or windows with a sticky side was used on the wall to seal the area. What ever method is used, make sure the power is off before disconnecting the fan. Older homes often present the most problems, from electrical to cabinetry, and some of those problems and the solutions to them are presented here.

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With the new plug in installed and the fan removed, the work of actually installing the over the range microwave was ready to proceed. Only if you want to vent the range fumes and steam outside. The home I worked in is about 40 years old, and construction methods were somewhat different then. The clear plastic film over the keypad needed to be removed, and voila! If you are not familiar with the installation or wiring of outletsinstructions are available in the link here; be sure to read and understand them. The photo shows how the exhaust area in the microwave is closed off from the factory; the blower assembly is removed from the microwave, turned to the orientation shown in the second photo and reinstalled.

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