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Films and graphic novel[ edit ] The novel was made into a film directed by Jacques Doillon in They cross the Demarcation Line in the dead of night with the help of another young boy called Raymond.

Pages pp A Bag of Marbles French: Billess tells the story of his flight, as a small boy, with his brother Maurice to escape from Nazi occupied France to the Zone Libre. The boys are safe here for a while, onllne make many friends, until one day when they accompany the lorry driver Ferdinand into Nice where he leads them, unintentionally, straight into a Nazi trap. Their father, who owns a hairdressing salon, advises them what to do when they leave. Once into safe France they travel down to Menton via Marseillewhere they spend a fantastic day taking in the sea - something they have never seen before.

They are attempting to escape from the grasp of Hitler and his S.

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A new film Un sac de billes was released in Januaryreceiving virtually unanimous praise, and great success in the box office, with 9. Plot summary[ edit ] Joseph is an ordinary boy with ordinary interests; he dislikes lessons and enjoys playing marbles with his friends. Here Maurice spends the rest of the war working in a bakery, and Joseph works for the owner of the village bookshop - a staunch Petainist. Despite having been driven from their home because of their Jewish identity, they are told they must never let anyone know that they are Jews.

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The racism which results from the occupation leaves only one possibility to Joseph and his brother Maurice: The boys then xating four blissfully safe months in Menton with their brothers, Henri and Albert, before having to leave the town for Nice, where their parents are waiting. Maurice does also, although in his typical style he also takes enough cheese to make a very large profit on! Joseph returns to Paris shortly after peace is announced, in an over-crowded train.

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