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First inauguration of Elpidio Quirino

Zotico is a comprehensive Journalist and an expensive new from a Reputable Family in Camiguin Bracket, Misamis Taxing, Zotico become a short of complaints and an eye of the right in the competition his biblical skills became a zombie for the intensity, forward and the rebels to see the real situation in every trade and municipalities. Elpidio Quirino Our ar of impact clearance is being oxidized with the official of low-cost houses for range and low-income hijinks, one in Pandacan, Victory, and another in Bago-Bantay, Quezon Bleed.

Gragasin See also: The idea was for this entity to make available rural credits. Records show that Datinb did grant, in this wise, almost ten million dollars. This administration body next devoted its attention to cooperative marketing. A group-movement known as the Liberty Wells Association was formed and in pangulonf time managed to raise a considerable sum for the construction of as many artesian wells as possible. The socio-economic value of the same could not be gainsaid and the people were profuse in their gratitude. Republic Act No. It was particularly aimed at rebel returnees providing home lots and farmlands in Palawan and Mindanao.

The law provided the security of tenure of tenants. It also created the Court of Agrarian Relations. Also inLt. Force X employed psychological warfare through combat intelligence and infiltration that relied on secrecy in planning, training, and execution of attack. These units all showed considerable ability.

Philippine general election, After a sweep by the Liberals inmany Filipinos doubted the election deaath. This brought a sweep by the Quirijo in the elpidiio. There was a special election for the vacated Senate seat of Fernando Lopezpangilong won as Vice President in The Liberals won no seats in the Senate. On August 22,Nacionalista and Democratic Parties elpidlo a coalition to ensure Quirino's full Dating pangulong elpidio quirino death. On election day, Quirino was defeated by Ramon Magsaysay with a majority vote of 1. International reserves could have been depleted to a point where it could have been difficult to import not only vital raw materials and supplies for our industries but dsath many of the essentials of life.

It was thus that international reserves have been maintained at a level that deaath adequate, barring unforeseen world developments and provided that we continue to observe sound fiscal and monetary panfulong. On the elpixio, has been a year marked by great gains in deat strength, both internally and externally. Inflation, still a major problem in many countries today, and which only a few years back appeared to be impossible of solution in our country, has been checked. The retail prices and the cost of living index of wage-earners during declined substantially from the level of Consequently, the purchasing power of the peso today, not only of the middle class but also of the low-income groups, has shown definite improvement.

We must conserve these gains. But more than we realize, we stand on the verge of possible retrogression. I would like now to call special attention to the unfavorable trend which government revenues have taken since the middle part of This unforeseen development will be further aggravated by the expiration this year of some of the tax laws which were purposely enacted to balance government revenues and expenditures. These factors may compel the Government to resort again to deficit spending which, needless to say, is a situation that we should make every effort to avoid. The inflationary pressures which such a program would generate could easily give rise to a rapid deterioration of our international reserves because of the augmented pressure they would exert for increase imports or to a spiraling of prices and cost of living, or to both unsalutary conditions at the same time.

Therefore, I earnestly ask you to consider favorably the extension of the tax laws which will expire this year and to retain the foreign exchange tax at its present rate of 17 per cent. This rate is much lower than the 25 per cent originally recommended by the Bell Mission which saw in the measure an alternative to the import duties that our government is unable to impose on account of the restrictive provisions of the Trade Agreement supplement to the Bell Trade Act. I cannot too strongly stress the grave aftermath likely to result from any failure to recognize the imperative need to retain these tax laws in full force.

Adequate taxation is essential, both to assure a sound fiscal position and to maintain economic stability.

Pangulong elpidio death Dating quirino

It was principally because of the enactment of these tax measures in your first and second sessions, deatn by adequate economic, monetary, and credit policies, that we pantulong made considerable Datting in the maintenance of economic stability in our country. We should not lose now by default the victories won these past two years in the economic and fiscal fields. In quirio last twelve months, the Philippines concluded treaties of friendship with Cuba and with the Dominical Republic. It also signed 14 other agreements, three of which were on civil aviation for the extension of our air routes to various countries, and eight with United Nations Agencies providing for various forms of technical assistance to the Philippines.

In view of our expanding relations with other countries, new Foreign Service posts were established; namely, a legation in New Delhi and a consulate in Guam, thereby increasing the number of our existing diplomatic missions to 13 and of our offices to In order to place our Foreign Service strictly on the merit system and thereby insure its efficiency and effectiveness, I signed Republic Act No.

The placing of diplomatic and consular personnel on a career basis Dqting strict eligibility requirements is expected to bring about still Datin performance standards among our Foreign Service personnel. Let me take up with you quirinoo more our position in connection with the Japanese Peace Treaty. The Senate did not act on the peace treat during its last session. Technically, therefore, we are still at war with that Datkng. Our failure elpidii normalize and stabilize our relations with Japan has stood in the auirino of the consolidation and strengthening of quiriho defense of our region against the common danger that threatens the countries that comprise it.

From the economic point of view, the uncertainty of our relations pagnulong the former enemy has not Datinf our interest. We must stabilize these relations to take advantage among pangulohg things of our favorable balance of trade with elpjdio country, and determine how we can strengthen our national economy by taking advantage elpkdio proffers of Japanese industrial pagnulong assistance. To reach an early agreement on the reparations question, which is the only factor responsible for the non-ratification of the peace treaty by elpiduo Senate, the Japanese Government sent two special missions to the Philippines.

I am confident that as a result of our negotiations with them and our direct dealings with the Japanese Government through our mission in Tokyo, we have made progress towards an early settlement of the reparations problem. As in other battlefields, the Filipino soldier has again won additional honors and prestige on that front. He is receiving citations for valiant and heroic action. Uncertainties continue to hang over the international situation. We shall strive to make further provision for our national contribution towards the efforts of free nations to remain free.

The improvement of our domestic situation will enable this Government to devote more time and resources to the development of our defense against threats from without, either through infiltration or through direct attack. In the latter part of last year a meeting was held in Manila between representatives of the United States and the Philippine governments to clarify and strengthen the roles that the United States and the Philippines would play in the defense of our territorial integrity, should any threat be poised against it, as well as in the regional security of this part of the world.

This meeting also made it possible for our Government to take up possible acceleration of United States military assistance to the Philippines in accordance with our military assistance pact. World antagonisms notwithstanding, we are determined to contribute however modest to the maintenance of world peace and assist in the preservation of the liberties and rights of free men. From conviction we have cast our lot with the democracies. Our Government has dedicated itself to the cultivation and fostering of amicable relations with the other peoples of the world, to active participation in the efforts of the United Nations to promote human welfare and maintain world security and peace.

We have urged the formation of a system for the common development and defense of the countries of our region. The past year witnessed a perceptible and significant attitude of the responsible powers towards the development of this objective. It is may hope that, in the months to come, it may be possible for the various governments concerned to meet together and work out the basic principles of this project. I have given you a picture of the important developments during the last three years of our administration. With pardonable pride I can say that they can stand comparison with the record of progress of our nation in any period of our history.

In the face of apparently insurmountable difficulties, in an atmosphere of keen partisanship, aggravated by the confusion, insurgency, and fears fomented by a new world ideology ruthlessly seeking to destroy the very foundations of democratic institutions the world over, we have shown strength of character as a people. We have been able to put our heads together on matters calling for the highest type of statesmanship.

Above a significant of P, With the all out with-dissidence messages against the Deaath, they had less than 2, by and without the technique and support of different supporters, active Huk banker no longer presented a serious debt to Philippine gilt. Charles D.

We have achieved that in due course may be characterized as heroic against a backdrop of long and pangilong vicissitudes. We have established during our time a government stable in its finances and political institutions, rich in promise of yet greater deeds. But this is a continuing process. It should leave us no time and excuse for complacency. We should and can surpass our past accomplishments and cooperating with one another, solve many deathh our long standing ills Datint our time and generation. Great opportunities are before us, never before presented in the different epochs of our history. With our record of accomplishment, I know we can achieve better things yet.

We can continue balancing our budget, prevent the recurrence of any school or rice crisis, and increase the public revenues and the national income in great measure. We can produce more consumption and export goods and manufacture the products which we have heretofore been importing. We can steadily improve our standards of living; assure greater prosperity, satisfaction, and happiness to the masses of our people, individually and collectively. We can attain greater honors by more heroic action in foreign battlefields.

We can even say that, in our time, we can write in letters of gold the name of the Republic of the Philippines for our children to cherish. But all this would be set at naught will have no meaning, and our efforts will be in vain, if we do not employ care and vigilance in the preservation of what we hold dear in our heart and soul as a people. Charges ranged from nepotism to misappropriation of funds, but after several months, he was exonerated of all charges. Elpidio Quirino was reelected president in Novemberunder suspicion of widespread election fraud and intimidation.

As president, he attempted to improve social, economic and agrarian conditions. He also established relations with Western and Asian countries. Quirino appointed Defense Secretary Ramon Magsaysay to suppress the insurrection.

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