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Expa Journalists 10 Virtual Licence Rules and Regulations So your financial licence needs to be cast for a Dutch dating depends on the changing country and the opportunity of your personal licence. India is a very important town. Jumps for screening planning to take the tropics can be scanned at the selected health service Gemeentelijke Gezondheids Dienst - GGD.

So leicen you know a bit more about where to live in the Leiden region. The Expat Centre dting very much willing to assist you with this and other formalities. Leisen, Leiden datng an excellent Expat Centre which can help you with any questions of any sort you Expxt have. Located in the city center, the Expat Centre has partnered up with the Tourist Information Center and is just minutes away from Leiden Central Station. The employees Exat the Expat Centre in Leiden will help you with the most essential aspects Expat dating leiden moving datin a new town.

Cating also think of how to find good spots to eat in Leiden dwting how to have a great Expzt in the city such as walking in the footsteps of a young Rembrand t who was born in Leiden Expat dating leiden Expat Centre will happily help you with answers to all your questions about life in Leiden. Where to look for a job in Leiden Leiden University When it comes to finding a job in Leiden, there are multiple sectors that are considerably developed in this charming Dutch town. This famous university was attended by historical figures such as Rembrandt and Einstein, as well as multiple members of the Dutch royal family.

Currently, the university has a large international staff spread across seven faculties. It is the largest bioscience facility in the whole of the Netherlands. The park currently has a staggering number of 18 employees. So if you want to work, while simultaneously conducting crucial research, the Bio Science Park in Leiden may have some great job opportunity for you. Dutch men are overall well-travelled, sporty and ambitious. A vast majority of them act like picky slow burners, to the point where interacting with a nice guy starts to look like rocket science. And this is where the hagelslag crumbles. Ad But before you even consider dating in the Netherlands, you should first consider learning some Dutch pick-up lines.

En route for the Holy Grail Anyway. Due to their strong background culture of gender equality and tolerance, think 21st century and ditch gallantry because there is none. Get ready to sweat, swallow your pride and go the extra mile: If you want something, come out and play, and more importantly, ask for it. Welcome to step 3: Dutch boys are far from being open books. Picture trying walking on eggshells in a thick fog, attempting to read massive knots of mixed signals without a map. The thrill, passion and surprises are sadly not an option. At present, the Brits go to Duke of Oz or Bad Habits where they can watch their summer sports with a bit of atmosphere.

I prefer the North End English pub as there is more of a mix between expats and locals and it has an impressive whisky collection! Events in Leiden Leideners love to party and thus, the city offers a rich and varied calendar of events.

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Yes, you will experience the excessively loud and happy crooning leidsn I affectionately call "oom-pa" - music and you will know you are truly on your way to leide when you, like me, find yourself singing along. The town also holds the Summer Lakenfeesten, which is kicked off every year by the Peurbakkentocht, a colourful parade of 55 "dressed-up" boats competing to win prizes. Only in Leiden could you find a boat adorned with a giant "penis plant" replica. It is real life incarnation is the main crowd puller at the Hortus Botanicus!

For holders of driving licences from certain countries it is compulsory to take a driving test before they receive a Dutch driving licence. Exchanging a Driving Licence Are you not allowed to drive a car in the Netherlands? Then you will have to exchange your driving licence. You will be able to use your foreign driving licence for days after the date of your arrival, after which you are required to pass the regular Dutch CBR theory and driving tests. You may take the theory exam in Dutch, English or Turkish. More information on what you can expect: Dutch licences are generally issued for 10 years. If you have a licence which was issued in an EU country, it will also be valid for 10 years from the date of issue.

However, you may wish to exchange a foreign driving licence for a Dutch one since the Dutch driving licence is accepted as valid proof of identity in many cases. In order to see a medical specialist at a hospital, you will need to make an appointment with your GP to get a referral. Without exception, health insurance is compulsory for every person who lives or works in the Netherlands. Insurance reimburses part of your medical expenses, depending on the level of cover you have chosen. You may also opt to take out additional insurance to cover costs not included in the basic package. The General Practitioner huisarts Health Insurance According to the Healthcare Insurance Act Zorgverzekeringswetanyone who resides or works in the Netherlands is required to take out insurance with a health insurer of their choice to cover medical expenses, within four months of arrival.

Please be aware that international health insurances are generally not accepted as a substitute for Leiven health insurance. In case of an emergency or home visit, a doctor must be able to get to your home within fifteen minutes. Need to Knows: In the Netherlands, you require an appointment to see a doctor. Everyone is entitled to a basic health insurance package.

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The government determines the cover level leien this basic package, a standard package offered by all insurers. Dahing insurers are obliged to accept anyone who applies for the standard insurance package and must charge all policyholders the same premium, regardless of their age or state of health. You pay a fixed, nominal premium to your insurance company for the standard health insurance package. If you require medicine, your GP will write a prescription which you can take to the nearest pharmacy apotheek to collect your datlng. You will always need a referral in order to Expat dating leiden a specialist, except for appointments with a physiotherapist or midwife.

Outside office hours, a special out-of-hours GP service huisartsenpost can be contacted. Living Essentials If you have an income or receive a social security benefit, you are also due to pay an income-related premium, which will be automatically deducted from your salary. The level of this premium depends on your situation. You can opt to take out additional insurance to cover, for example, physiotherapy or dental care. Additional insurance is not obligatory, and you are not obliged to take out both the standard package and additional insurance with the same insurance company.

Vaccinations for people planning to visit the tropics can be obtained at the municipal health service Gemeentelijke Gezondheids Dienst - GGD. Foreigners who come to the Netherlands generally do not have to get vaccinated at the GGD. However, people with certain nationalities are required to get tested for tuberculosis upon arrival in the Netherlands. More information about tuberculosis testing can be found here: Read more on the government and health insurance: Simply phone and ask to register with the dentist of your choice. The municipality may also provide you with information of dentists who speak your language.

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