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This notification is NOT saved with the plot. This is particularly useful in conjunction with Enter data with mouse: Corrected a bug reading the Preferences file in versions 8. Stereonet 9. If you have made changes to the default Preferences, you will need to set them again and save them via the preferences dialog. Thanks to Myra Keep for helping to track this one down. Contour Fill! Contours can now be filled with either a monochrome or a rainbow set of colors and plotted with or without contour lines. The contour fill can be made partially transparent and multiple datasets can be plotted on the same diagram.

You can still plot just contour lines. Added a checkbox to the Inspector to specify a polar grid using either equal area or equal angle without changing the view direction Fixed a bug that caused crashes when using two planes calculations. It may or may not be reinstated in the future Version 8. Windows users still do not see the strike and dip or trend and plunge symbol that is seen on Mac versions of the program. Any previous values are written to the Notes text area of the Data details window. Other bugs also squashed.

Corrects a bug that would cause a crash when reading more than one Stereonet v. A recently introduced version broke the import of Stereonet 6 text files. This has now been fixed Stereonet now quits correctly on Windows when you close the last remaining open Window Tabbing order through dialog boxes has been improved Version 8. Also added more options for using your own kml symbols. If you have downloaded v. You can reposition existing text annotations simply by clicking and dragging then in the plot pane. Handles occur on either side of the annotation during the drag operation. Annotations can be up to 64 characters long. When you right- or control-click on an annotation, you will get a contextual menu which will allow you to edit or delete just that annotation.

New binary file format — the addition of text annotations has required a new binary file format. Stereonet 8. Sorry… Menu options pertaining to particular types of data sets are only enabled if that type of data actually exists. The usual bug fixes Use the checkbox in the Analysis tab of the Inspector New menu option to clear the plot: To protect you from yourself, this command creates a new data set rather than overwriting the old one You can now see the data for an unchecked, but selected, data set. You can have it select either those points inside or outside the lasso. New data type: Arcs are segments of great circles that are drawn between a starting point and an ending point that you define by entering the trends and plunges of the corresponding lines.

Arcs can cross the primitive and you can choose whether to plot the acute or obtuse Sterreonet. You can also specify that the program should draw and dqting head at either plottrr start or the end of the arc or both Redesign of the Data Sets tab of Sterwonet Inspector. Now you only see data pertinent to the selected data set. Dsting can select the data set from the popup menu in the Inspector or by clicking on it in the Data sets list box. Steteonet hopefully a bug with copy and Stereoney on Windows version of the program Version 8.

When you start up the program, the About box is now displayed; you should select either the new blank file button or the open file if you want to open a Stereonet Stsreonet file. You can now copy and paste data! Select some rows in one data set and paste them to a different data set in the same window or to a a dataset in a completely different window. You can also copy any tab delimited data from any text file Including an Excel spreadsheet. Click here for an example. Visualizing structural geology: From Excel to Google Earth. Bug fixes related to not saving the conical best fit with the plot Version 8. Character count turns red when you exceed characters Version 8.

Stereonet 8 can read Stereonet 7 binary files but not vice versa… Ability to parse any column oriented text file — particularly useful for entering location data. Search across single or multiple data sets based on orientation, location or date info, or any text fragment from the free form notes field. Axial plane finder in Calculations menu provides basic fold geometry analysis. Return of the conical best fit routine. Angle between clicked points now shows trend and plunge while clicking. Fixed a bug in adding new data to existing data sets. In this example. Only the first letter is significant for the compass directions SW is interpreted as S.

Lines AZ Planes. Opening Column-formatted Text on the Clipboard You can also enter or add column formatted data from the system Clipboard. Make your elections and when you click Okay then data will be added to the program. You can skip specific rows of data by deselecting the checkbox on the left side. In the latter case. Simply chose the column in which each data type appears and Stereonet 9. For many people.

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Opening column formatted text files e. The program parses the columns automatically: The Parse Text File dialog box sating shown. Following the two line header. The same dialog box daring you see above Stereonet plotter online dating appear allowing you to onlibe the different columns of data. If you want to add Sterreonet to an existing data set. The values on the line can be separated inline a comma. In either case. Opening Stereonet 9. This includes all Stdreonet the formatting you have applied onlime the stereonet e. In this flavor. Opening a Stereonet 9. Note that you cannot use the normal copy and paste commands because they will not capture all of the data.

If you want to keep both data sets onlin. Lines are only saved with the TP trend. You can also save text files in Table format. Older version of the program cannot read binary files created by newer versions of the program. These file can be read back in to Stereonet 9. The selected data from the first data set will be added to the second data set. Saving Data Files Likewise. Exporting Text Files You can export text files in two flavors: The first time you click a column heading all the rows will sort ascending. To return to the original sorting.

If you click on a point in the plot. As described above. Once sorted by whatever criteria you want. To do so. In the example shown to the right. You can multiple. Save Stereonet 9. The Stereonet 9. The program makes it easy to link data in the plot to the table in the data list box by highlighting selected points and planes in yellow. In his website you can download not only Stereonet, but a fair amount of other useful tools. For non commercial purposes. It is my favourite one, as it works very well, and I haven't found any bugs in it. Go here: German software produced in the University of Bochum. This is the old version, but perhaps it can be still useful in some old machine The numbers in the upper right quadrant represent potential strike line positions from degree, in 10 degree increments see below diagram.

Small circles represent half of a conical surfaces with the apex at hemisphere center.

Dating Stereonet plotter online

They are hemisphere surface paths from one line being rotated about another line the pole of rotationboth passing through the hemisphere center. Pootter stereonet facts: In contrast to mineralogy, structural geologists use lower hemisphere Stereomet. Typically, it is as if you are looking into ohline hemispheric bowl sitting on the ground, and oriented along a Stereonft axis. There are an assortment datibg different types of stereonets equal angle, equal area, polar. You should know which one datjng are using and why. One can recognize them by their distinct appearance. Great circles look like lines of longitude, and represent where planes with a north-south strike but incrementally varying dips intersect the outer hemisphere surface.

Small circles look like lines of latitude, and represent where cones with a north-south horizontal axis and incrementally increasing apical angles intersect the outer hemisphere. You can plot two types of features on a stereonet, a line e. A line plots as a point and a plane plots as a great circle. All elements plotted pass through the center of the hemisphere, and their projection reflects where the plane or line intersects the outer hemispheric surface. This means that information about relative position is not represented in the plot, only information about relative orientation. Planes are often represented by plotting their pole, which is the line perpendicular to that plane.

More complex structural features can be represented by plots of multiple elements. Some examples are: You can also use a stereonet to: The above diagram shows the same plane in two positions. The blue plane position is where North has been rotated so that the great circles all have a strike of N45W In this case the North position is designated in blue.

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